African Flowers, Fruits, and Trees
But mostly flowers

Just a word of caution. 
I am by no means an expert on these plants so please check my identifications with a more reputable site before you use them.

Wild rose


Wild pumpkin or squash


Poinsettia tree


Elderberry  The guide where this was growing didn't know it was edible and was fascinated with the idea that you could use it to make wine.

A lily we saw briefly across  through the mist across the Victoria Falls gorge.

These stocks stood more than 6 feet above the surrounding jungle underbrush

1a 2a 3a  4a 5a 6a 7a 8a
Water illy, some other water flowers, and a stem cross section we saw on the Okavango delta

9a 10a 11a  12a
Nightshade, probably.

13a 14a 15a 16a 17a

Angel's trumpet or datura

Canna lily


18a 19a 20a
Acacia thorns 3 to 5 inches long or curved back like cat's claws.


Baobab tree



Achiote (Bixa orellana) It is used to produce annatto, a food coloring which is used in the US since it is "exempt of certification" by the rules of the Food and Drug Administration.

21a 22a

The fruit of the rubber tree

23a 24a
Sausage tree fruit.  We were told that it isn't used for anything.

25a 26a 27a
Cactus in a natural rock garden

28a 29a
Two edible fruits  I have no idea what they were.
If you do send me an email and I will update this page.

And some more unidentified fruits, nuts, and berries.  I'm not sure if they are edible or not.
30a 31a 32a 33a 34a 35a  36a 37a  38a 39a 40a 41a 42a 43a 44a 45a 46a 47a 48a

Some unknown flowers that I grouped together only because they had bilateral symmetry and I think they look cool.
If you recognize one I would like to add it's identification.
You can send me email by clicking here.
49a 50a 51a 52a 53a 54a 55a  56a 57a 58a 59a  60a 61a 62a 63a

And more unknowns.
If you can identify any of them please send email so I can update this page.
64a 65a 66a  67a 68a 69a 70a 71a 72a 73a 74a 75a 76a 77a 78a 79a 80a 81a 82a 83a 84a 85a 86a 87a 88a 89a 90a 91a 92a 93a 94a 95a 96a 97a 98a 99a 100a 101a 102a 103a 104a 105a 106a 107a 108a 109a 110a 111a 112a 113a 114a  115a 116a 117a  118a 119a 120a 121a  122a 123a 124a  125a 126a  127a 128a 129a 130a 131a 132a 133a 134a 135a 136a 137a 138a 139a 140a 141a 142a 143a 144a 145a 146a 147a 148a 149a 150a 151a 152a 153a
Again if you can identify any of these flowers please let me know via email.  Thank you.

Thank you Andrea, Marielle, and Willeke for sharing the pictures from our trip.

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