Elliott County High School Career Day 2013

Colleges, universities, technical schools, potential employers and I were invited to meet with students and discuss what their organization could do for them.
High school students were there for an introduction to what each offered.
I got a few pictures while the representatives had just finished setting up and before the students arrived.

A couple  universities had sent representatives.

Maysville and Ashland offer
 both college and technical training.

The Bellefonte Academy of Beauty is another option.

The Kentucky Bank, Mountain Telephone, Ashland Oil and the Cooperative Extension Service had information on possible employment and what training would be useful to get it.

At my station I encouraged the students to keep their minds open to all the possibilities in their future. 
Even if they felt that they knew just what they want to do they might not yet be aware of the job that would be the best for them.

When I started my senior year in college I had not even heard of the career that I enjoyed for more than 30 years.
A professor's suggestion way back then led to a graduate fellowship (college and living expenses paid for), then a job in research, administration, and  emergency response to radiation incidents.
It was especially rewarding to use my expertise to help others when they needed it.

The best job is one that you would do for free and someone is paying you to do it. 
There are jobs like that, I had one and I know lots of others who have been lucky enough to find themselves in that sort of position as well.

Whatever they do they should plan on continuing to educate themselves throughout their lives.

Here are a few of the students who came to hear what I had to say.

And some random shots around the room showing the students at the other stations.

And mugging for the camera.

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