Elliott County Schools Newsletter

Anita Laney has been featured
in the Elliott County School District newsletter on a number of occasions for honors she has received and for her classroom activities.  We are happy to have her as one of our directors.

The February 2008 newsletter listed her as one of the district's honorees.

An engineering study  by her students was reported in December 2008.

The March 2009 newsletter reported on these experiments.

In October 2010 her class was delving into the anatomy of frogs.

In April 2010 there was a report of their field trip to learn about space.

In December of 2010 The district newsletter recognized her newly awarded certification.

 “Elliott County Schools” is a monthly newsletter published by the Elliott County Board of Education.

'Opportunities are always at our fingertips. Taking advantage of these opportunities provides a clear path to success for our students. In the Elliott County Schools, students reach out to take advantage of the educational opportunities every day. The focus of the newsletter is to follow these stepping-stones to success. Our students personally experience; inspiration, knowledge, precision, competitive spirit, and the exhilaration of success in school as well as their personal life. We hope you enjoy “Elliott County Schools” and celebrate the success of our students throughout the community."
John Williams Superintendent of  Schools

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