Family Science Night in Carter County Middle School
Beverly McDavid had another fun night with her sixth graders and their families as you can see in these pictures. 
I got  to do a science show for them too. 

One of the night's projects was making slime.


Slime chemistry

Making lip balm


We made ice cream using liquid nitrogen.
The recipe used:
2 gallons of whole milk
1 gallon of whipping cream
7 pounds of sugar
1 quart of EggBeaters
4 ounces of vanilla
2 teaspoons of salt
And the final ingredient
Enough liquid nitrogen to freeze it in about 20 seconds (about 15 liters).


They seem to like it.

The kids made bouncy balls too.

Measure out the ingredients.
Mix them up
Shape the resulting goo into a ball.

Making a bouncy ball

And testing it

Testing the bouncy ball

During the show I got to shoot Mrs. McDavid and my helpers.
The cannon was powered by liquid nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen canon

The thermite demo was done outside for reasons of safety.
Thermite is a mixture of iron oxide and powdered aluminum.
It requires a very high temperature to ignite it (provided by a burning strip of magnesium).
Once it gets going it can reach 4500 degrees F.
The molten iron that results is hot enough to melt through an aluminum frying pan.
The washed out image below was taken from the middle of the video when the reaction was at its peak.
The result is a very overexposed frame.


We tried a hand boiler to see who would win.

Hand boiler

The kids had a good time
We did too.

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