Environmental Field Day

The Elliott County fourth graders, about 200 of them, had a exciting and educational day at the Conservation District Office outside Sandy Hook.

They built bluebird boxes that they took home to put up.
They are more likely to be used by wrens than bluebirds this year since it is a little late for bluebirds to set up housekeeping.
Next spring I am sure bluebirds will take up residence in many of them.


The kids each got a tree cookie to examine, decorate and take home.
They also learned about the many products that come from trees.
A lot more than just wood.


Another station along the way was an investigation of soils.
Here they are learning the consistency of sand, silt, and clay.
They then tried to evaluate the fraction of each in the soil under their feet.


They checked on some of the properties of water.
This girl carefully placed 3 paper clips on the surface.
They didn't float but rather were supported by surface tension.


The reptiles and amphibians station was very popular.
they each got to handle salamanders, turtles, and several kinds of snakes.

I did a station where we checked the effects of super cold.
We made clouds, fog, frost, and snow and got a demonstration that cold air is more dense than warm.
They seemed to be impressed when I drove a nail using a banana as a hammer.
They especially liked the wizard ice cream.  Everyone came back for seconds and some even third helpings.

The day ended with a nature based relay race

and a hay ride.

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