Carter County 4th Grade Field Day
We have been helping with the Field Days in Carter and Elliott counties each year since 2003.
We haven't managed to get pictures of all the classes but here are some from 2007.

Some of the boys and girls who had fun learning about science and the environment at field day.

They learned about the variety of  products that come from the forest.

How does rock become soil and what are some of the ways that we can prevent erosion.

At one of the stations they counted the rings in "tree cookies" and then decorated them.

Electrical safety was the focus of another of the stops.

Boating safety requires everyone to know how to select a PFD and the right way to wear it.

They learned the kinds of birds that may live in the houses that they built.

This is how lake water is treated to make it safe to drink.

They learned what happens when solids, liquids and gases are made very cold. 
If you start out with the right stuff you get ice cream.

They all had fun and I am sure that they learned a lot.

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