Each October the emergency responders in the our county visit Lakeside, Isonville, and Sandy Hook elementary schools.

We talk to them about what they can do to be fire safe and what to do if they see a fire.

We explain how the fire departments, EMS, and the search and rescue team work together when there is an emergency.

When someone calls 911 and tells dispatch that there is:
        A fire in the woods or a building
        A vehicle that is wrecked or broken down and blocking the road
        Someone trapped in their car because of an accident
        Or stuck in their house because of a flood
        Someone who is so sick that they need to be taken to the hospital
        An animal where it shouldn't be
        A person who is lost in the woods, river or lake
        A helicopter needed because of severe injury or illness
        Or trees blocking the road after a wind or ice storm

There is a lot more than just putting fires out.
We each do our part to help.

They can do their part as well by knowing what to do in the case of a fire.
       Get out and stay out.
       Call 911 and tell them the physical address of the fire.
       Go to where your family has decided to use as a meeting place and stay there.

At each of the schools firefighters explained the tools and equipment that we use.

Sparky showed up to help us.

The bunker gear we had for these kids to try on didn't quite fit.
Two kids in one pair of pants

Having only one kid in them didn't help much.

They did have fun pretending to be firefighters, wearing our protective gear but several said it was too heavy.

Getting to wear the SCBA (Self Contained Breating Apparatus) was a strain but a treat.

We told then about the layers in our gear that protect from scrapes, heat, fire, and water.
The reflective stripes in our turnout gear make firefighters easier to see in smoke and the dark.
We use special coveralls for fighting wildfires and when we are getting people out of wrecked vehicles.
High visibility vests and flags are used when we control traffic at an accident scene or if the road is blocked by a fallen tree.

Some of the kids lined up for a picture alongside the trucks.

Some others showed off their fire gear for you to see.

Thanks to all the emergency responders who helped show the kids what firefighters have to be able to do.

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