Florida 08
Our spring trip to Florida with Soahn, Wendy, Jarrett, and Tarrin.
We took in some of the usual sights.

Disney World

We met some of its famous residents
Though Tarrin was more than a little unsure about Minnie and Mickey

We took a wild animal safari where this ibex blocked the road for a while.
There were naturalists with things for the kids to do and problems for them to solve.

Here we could imagine being shrunk to the size of bugs and could explore the world that we would see then.

Sliding down a leaf or just hanging out on another conveniently placed leaf.

Carefully walking through a spider's web.
Tarrin let us know what he wanted, by giving the sign "again".

We saw an auto and motorcycle show.
Lots of stunts including this guy sliding through a blazing trail of gas and catching fire.
Note the safety man in the background with the extinguisher.

And car jumps over fire or from a ramp in one truck, to the top of another finally crashing into a giant air bag that was hidden from our view.

A behind the scenes tour gave us a chance to see how Herbie could split and still be driveable.
And there was a flood that cascaded down during the earthquake.

Our Wendy tried her hand at selling balloons.

Of course there were parades where we saw another Wendy and lots of other characters.

A big show at the castle.

More characters from the rides.

The monorail was a big hit especially when we got to ride up front with the pilot.

The Hollywood Tower had and ominous entrance that seems to worry Jarrett.

A few more stops around the park.

Epcot Center
This was a kind of virtual shuffleboard projected on the floor.
The object was to move "power pucks" to where they were needed.
We had never seen an eggplant tree before.

And one of the water parks we visited.

The ocean beach.

Any swimming pool that was available was put to good use.

We went to a Lego store where they had these sculptures built from Lego bricks.

One last look at Disney World.

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