House tour

There is still a lot of work to do but we moved in over Memorial day weekend 2000.
Since you have dropped in we will take you on a virtual tour of the house.  We have just entered the great room through the east door to the porch/deck. The door is at the extreme left of the screen.  The big picture window has a humming bird feeder that is visited many times a day, even when we are sitting on the couch just in front of it.  Through the west door you can see that there is still siding on the porch, another job we need to finish.  The craft/computer room door is open so you can get a glimpse of that room from where we stand.  The fireplace and hearth are not done yet so we have been using it to store all the tools and supplies for the jobs yet to be done.  Just to the right of the fireplace is the hall to the side door, our usual entrance.  You can see the kitchen, stairs to the loft and the door to our bedroom.

Now we are standing  just in front of the fireplace.  With the large window over the sink, the skylight over the table, and the light maple cabinets the kitchen is light and airy.  The back door leads to the driveway behind the house.  We use the wall of cabinets as a pantry.  It is big enough that a winter storm could strand us for along time and it wouldn't be a problem.  The door to the guest room  is next to the pantry and the door to the basement stairs is out of sight next to it.  The large chest to right of center was given to Alan's grandmother by her uncle as a wedding gift.  The stairway to the loft is next followed by the door to our bedroom.

Welcome to the guest room (your room when you come to visit).

The Master bedroom.  We still have some work to do here as well.  The doors to the walk in closet and our bathroom are on order and we will put them in soon.  When Soahn and Wendy visited they brought the orchid that is on the table.  The windows to the right look out on to the porch and down hill to the stream.

This is the bathroom off our bedroom.  Oak cabinets with green marble top and a corner shower  with matching trim.

The craft/computer room has filled up already.  We plan to put doors on the closet on the right rear wall.  Another of those little things yet to be done.

Here is the hall to the side door.  The doors on the left are a coat closet and more pantry.  On the right are the laundry room and main bath.

The main bath has hickory cabinets, a large tub and a view of the hill behind the house.  The laundry has poplar cabinets and lots of space.

We are standing in the loft near the stairs.  Through the windows we can see down the hill to the woods in front of the house.  In the winter with no leaves on the trees we can see over the cliff to the other side of the lake.   We plan to use the loft as a sitting/reading room on cold winter days.  The doorways at the rear lead to attic storage.  Yep, more doors to be done.

Here we are at the foot of the stairs in the basement family room.  It is usually quite cool in this room so we  have been spending a lot of time down here this summer.  From the hot tub we look out the front windows and the door to a shaded patio under the porch.  The door opposite us leads to the shop.  We plan to use the wood stove to provide much of our heat in the winter.  The door near the back corner leads to the utility room.  The stairs lead up to the kitchen, you can see the window of the back door there at the top.   We have building paper protecting the stairs since they still have unfinished wood.  Behind us is the door to the playroom.

We turned around and have stepped into the playroom.  We plan to put a suspended ceiling in this room.  Through the door on the left you can see a bit of the downstairs bathroom.  The door to the right leads to the storm cellar.  Nancy will give all  Fisher Price toys a good home, especially the older little people toys.  We will be building more shelves and cabinets in this room as time permits.

We hope that we never really need the storm cellar but we are happy to have it.  We have already had a couple of tornado warnings within 20 miles of the house and one touched down about 30 miles from here.

The shop windows look out across the patio.  We haven't built the workbenches yet but plan to this fall.  The door at the rear leads to a storage area.  The pipes on the right are part of the heating system and the wires are phone, security and other hookups.

Hope that you enjoyed the tour.  We'd  like to hear from you. 

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