BNL Friends

Anne and John Baum came to visit in April.  They have been friends since I went to work at BNL.  In fact John hired me and I worked for him for many years.  We enjoyed working together on the siding for the back of the house and garage and reminiscing about some of the good times at the Lab.

Anne is an avid photographer so we found some spring wild  flowers for her to practice her art.  We also dropped in on Jan and Fritz Mohrman, friends from the next county, to see their gardens and take more pictures.


We also went to the Kentucky Folk Art Center in Morehead, about 30 miles away.  There we saw some of the products of local crafters.


We stopped to get some pictures of a log house near our place.  It has since been disassembled and moved from the site.

Their visit was all to short but we had a great time while they were here.  

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