Longknife Reenactment

We are planning a reenactment of what early visitors to our area would have seen and done.  A group of hardy souls will join us the weekend of March 2, 2002 for the first engagement here in Elliott county.  In preparation for that event Howard and Mike came to scout the area.  They came in full costume and equipped with the accouterments appropriate to their role and period so we got a bit of a look at what might be in store. Once here they enlisted Jonathan to assist in their search for appropriate locations for their encampment.  He was thrilled with the experience.
Ready to venture into the wilds.

Howard gives a lesson in the old ways of hunting.

Checking his bedroll Looks like a good spot to spend the night. That's where I saw the bear last time I was here.

All that smoke and noise for just one rabbit. Gwenda had to try her hand before we left the gorge.

Mike, Howard and a time traveler who stopped by to document their adventure.

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