Mule show

The Mule show is sure to provide lively entertainment.  Young and old alike take part.  There are rodeo style races for speed, agility and control as well as purely fun events.   The latter include egg race, drunkards delight, catalog race, and  panty hose race.  The rescue race can be in both categories simultaneously.  In it one of the participants stands at the far end of the arena, the other rides full tilt toward them, snatches them onto the mule behind the rider (like the cowboys did in the old westerns) and they ride back at top speed.  So far it sounds like one of the rodeo style events but when you put a an overweight rescuer and a not very coordinated and overweight rescuee into the mix that picture changes.  Together the two riders probably outweighed the mule.   The result is a cloud of dust with  8 legs flailing in the air.  The mule show is held in early September.  Plan to visit us then.


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