Ohio State Fair

A brief visit to the fair.

To have a proper fair we need a parade.

Kids with animals that they have raised and if they do well here they will sell for considerable profit.
Judging has gone high tech over the years.
A computer based ultrasound scanner is used to determine the fat and lean values for the pork chops while they are still walking around.

A baby goat and mom were a crowd pleaser.

The sign said this very large hog's name was Oscar. That's O S C A R...
We suspect this last name was Meyer.

A batch of piglets at feeding time.
Of course that is most of the time.

A very showy team of draft horses came around a corner unexpectedly.

The most unusual display as far as I was concerned was a butter display.
Life size cow and calf and behind them the Wright brothers all sculpted entirely of butter.


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