Science Olympiad 2009

This is a one day competition where teams are given problems to solve using the materials provided or devices they have built and brought with them.
Many of the participants are kids we have seen at the Pikeville Science and Math Camp.

Here they are testing the load carrying capacity of a bridge they have built.

Using reagents, test tubes, alcohol burner and other materials provided determine the composition of unknown materials.

The value of a resistor can be measured if you can measure the current through it from a known voltage.

Complete a circuit with the stuff in the cup.

Read a map.

Measure the density of some materials.

Determine the hardness if others.

We were conducting this event but we missed pictures of the kids and the actual test but these were some of the windmills they had constructed.
They had to conform to a set of specifications that was provided.
Each was tested to see how much power it produced at two different wind speeds.

What is the power output of this solar cell.

Simple(?) harmonic motion.

Paleontology puzzles.

Load your catupult and fire.  Judged for accuracy.

Build a car that has to drive a course and stop at the target distance.
Some were electric, some were coasters, some carried cargo, and some just themselves.

Rockets made with pop bottles, cardboard, plastic, paper clips, and tape were designed to fire carrying an egg.
The best were the ones that went highest and returned with it undamaged.

And lots more challenges

During down time between events the teams studied for the next one or just hung out.

Volunteer judges recorded the information required.

Many of the compeditors had been in one or more Science Camps with us over the past few years.
We had nearly as much fun as the kids did, seeing them and what they were doing now.

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