In early December some friends offered to show me where there were some Native American rock carvings in Laurel Gorge.  I had heard about them and was excited to see and photograph them.  We walked almost a mile from the access point along the road.  This was the view as we approached the rockshelter (overhang).

Once in the shelter this is what we saw.  Someone had rubbed charcoal in the prints so they were more obvious than when my guide had seen them previously.  Most of the carvings seem to be turkey tracks and one other print which could represent a somewhat oversize deer track or possibly an elk. The dew claws behind the hoof would have left the two smaller indentations.  Only larger animals or animals walking on soft ground would have shown that part of the print..  Because of other commitments my time there was very limited so I wasn't able to explore the area.  I was told that there was a bear cave nearby that would be interesting to investigate.  I have no idea how old the carvings are but will offer to show them to one of the archeologists that are coming to inventory sites in the gorge so I may have some information later.


While I want people to have the opportunity to see these carvings I am concerned if their exact location becomes generally known they may be damaged.  For this reason I have not given much information on their location or even the name of my guide.

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