Here is a list of my publications that I have been able to find online.

In most cases only an abstract is available but I have given a link to the full doccument if it is available.
There are more that apparently only exist as paper copies (so far).
I could scan them and add them to this list but I have too much else to do that is a lot more fun.

Radial distribution of dose along heavy ion tracks, letr.
Also (1)
Baum, J.W. , Stone, S.L. , Kuehner, A.V. 1968 Oct 31
4053825 Dose equivalent meter designs based on tissue equivalent proportional counters.
Also (1)
Baum, J.W. , Kuehner, A.V. , Chase, R.L. 1970 Jan 01
4136499 Experience with an let spectrometer and portable rem meter.
Phillips, L.F. , Kuehner, A.V. , Baum, J.W. 1970 Jan 01
Factors affecting pulse size in sealed tissue-equivalent counters.
Also (1)
Baum, J.W. , Woodcock, R.C. , Kuehner, A.V. 1970 Oct 31
CONF-720805--P1 Direct measurements of dose equivalent in aircraft
Summary  (see page 13)
Cowan, F.P. , Chester, J.D. , Kuehner, A.V. , 1972 Jan 01
Portable mixed radiation dose equivalent meter.   
Also (1)  
full document PDF
Kuehner, A.V. , Chester, J.D. , Baum, J.W. 1972 Jan 01
BNL--17291 Final report on an interagency agreement between U. S. Atomic Energy Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency.    
Also (1)
  full doccument PDF
Cowan, F.P. , Kuehner, A.V. , Phillips, L.F. 1972 Jan 01
BNL--18104 Health Physics and Safety Division 1972 Annual Progress Report
Full document PDF
Various August 1, 1973
BNL--18219; CONF-730952--1 Nanometer dosimetry of heavy ion tracks
Also (1)   full doccument (Google Docs)
Baum, J.W. , Varma, M.N. , Wingate, C.L. , 1973 Sep 11
BNL--19213 Personnel monitoring records Kuehner, A.V. 1974 Aug 01
BNL--19213 Health Physics and Safety Division annual progress report, January 1-- December 31, 1973 Cowan, F.P. ,  Phillips, L.F., Kuehner, A.V 1974 Aug 01
BNL--19213 Nanometer scale dosimetry calculations Paretzke, H.G. , Kuehner, A.V. 1974 Aug 01
4201240 Energy deposition by heavy ions in a tissue equivalent gas
Also (1)
Varma, M.N. , Baum, J.W. , Kuehner, A.V. 1975 Apr 01
4010011 Experimental determination of W for oxygen ions in nitrogen
Also (1) and (full text)
Varma, M.N. , Baum, J.W. , Kuehner, A.V. 1975 Nov 01
NASA TM X-3329 Ames collaborative study of cosmic ray neutrons
Summary (page 29) full document PDF
Hewitt, J.E., L. Hughes, J.W. Baum, A.V. Kuehner, J.B. McCaslin,  1976 Jan
BNL-21469 INDOSE: program for calculating radial energy deposited due to scattered particles Varma, M.N. , Meo, J. , Kuehner, A.V. , 1976 May 01
5079368 Radial dose, LET, and W-bar for 16O ions in N2 and tissue-equivalent gases. [41. 1 MeV]
Also (1)
Varma, M.N. , Baum, J.W. , Kuehner, A.V. 1977 Jun 01
Health Physics 34: 375384. Ames Collaborative Study of Cosmic Ray Neutrons: MidLatitude Flights.
Also (1) summary (see page 29) full doccument (PDF)
Hewitt, J.E., L. Hughes, J.W. Baum, A.V. Kuehner, J.B. McCaslin,  1978
BNL-26360; CONF-790569-2 Health and safety information program for hazardous materials
Full document PDF
O'Brien, M.P. , Fallon, N.J. , Kuehner, A.V. 1979 Jan 01
BNL-51066 Safety and Environmental Protection Division. Progress report, January 1, 1976-December 31, 1978 Various 1979 Oct 01
BNL 18102 Portable Mixed Radiation Dose Equivalent Meter
Summary (see page 13)
A.V. Kuehner, J.D. Chester and J.W. Baum 1979 Oct 01
BNL 18102 Semi-Automatic Film Reader
Summary (see page 27)
A.V. Kuehner 1979 Oct 01
BNL 18102 Nanometer Energy Deposition Studies
Summary (see page 35)
John W. Baum, Matesh N. Varma, Alan V. Kuehner, Catherine L. Wingate and Robert Brommage 1979 Oct 01
Phys. Med. Biol. 25 651 Stopping power and radial dose distribution for 42 MeV bromine ions M N Varma , J W Baum and A V Kuehner 1980
BNL-32857; CONF-821240-1 US DOE Radiological Assistance Program: personnel, equipment and resources
Full document PDF
Hull, A.P. , Kuehner, A.V. , Phillips, L.F. 1982 Jan 01
BNL-36786-Pt.1 Radiological assistance program: Region I. Part I
Full document PDF
Musolino, S.V. , Kuehner, A.V. , Hull, A.P. 1985 Jul 15
5394865 A system for simultaneous exposure of small animals to 60-Hz electric and magnetic fields
Also (1)
Baum, J.W. , Kuehner, A.V. , Benz, R.D. , 1991 Jan 01
BNL--36786-Rev.2-Pt.1 Region 1: Radiological Assistance Program (RAP). Revision 2, Part 1
Also (1)    full doccument PDF
Hull, A.P. , Kuehner, A.V. 1993 Oct 01

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