Route 504 Volunteer Fire Department

The Route 504 Volunteer Fire Department was formed in the fall of 2002.
We have been accumulating volunteers (easy) and equipment (a little harder) since then.
We have our weekly meetings on Mondays at 7:00 at the firehouse and usually have a good turnout.
The 600 on the sign is our radio dispatch series.
The department's official reporting number is 955.

The fire truck is on loan from the Kentucky Division of Forestry, Department for Natural Resources.
All they want in return is our help defending structures that are threatened by wildfires in the forests and brush in our area.
Since we would be doing that in any case we consider it to be a great deal.
Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, it doesn't run very well yet.
It backfires as though someone added high caliber ammo to the fuel tank.
But we have several volunteers who have experience working on these truck engines and who hope to have purring real soon.

Training is a regular part of the meetings.
Only a few of the volunteers have been part of a fire department before so they are all anxious for any information that they can glean.
Here we are learning about the SCBAs that have been donated by Ludlow Falls Fire Company and West Milton Fire Department in Ohio.

They also provided some used but still very serviceable turnout gear.

And almost more hose than will fit on this truck.

The Women's Auxiliary has really helped out with fund raising.
(a chili dinner, rummage sale, and donations with plans for many more).
Four of them also turned out for the truck driving course.
They all passed with flying colors.  They didn't hit a single cone.

There are plans for the future as well.
We have applied for a FEMA grant for more equipment, materials and training and hope to hear about it in the next few months.
Link to grant application and equipment wish list.

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