The hemlock that we used for our siding was cut locally.  Floyd Lowe has a timber operation and mill set up in Little Caney Gorge a few miles from our house.
The first picture shows the impressive size of some of the logs.  Mill power is a truck engine adapted to the task of driving the circular saw.
Safety gear is minimal as you might expect of a sawmill as old as this one.
When I was watching it I couldn't help thinking of the old movie serials with the hero or his sweetheart tied to a log and moving toward the immense blade.

We had logs from the trees the power company cut when we had the power line installed.
The timber was smaller but was all hardwood. We will be using it for trim in the house as well as some future construction projects..
We hired Sid Lyons who brought his bandsaw and crew in and reduced it to boards in one day.
Nancy and I moved the lumber to the garage where it is air drying.  We are counting on the summer heat to give us the equivalent of kiln drying.

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