Science camp 2002 week 2
During week 2 the kids did many of the same activities as in week one.  Computer classes had a few new activities with the kids learning a bit of HTML as well.  In biology they looked into logic, ESP, and the common cold then dissected a squid and starfish.  Chemistry included making slime, investigating the chemistry of photography, and making and testing toothpaste.  Sundials, Area 51 and stomp rockets were the subjects of the astronomy classes.  In physics they looked at the properties of light and some other photons. Then they built a pinhole camera from a shoe box and on Wednesday used it to take a picture that they developed.

Here are the class pictures in 3D.  To properly see them you will need to look through a red filter over your left eye and a blue filter over your right.  The Kids made their viewers by using a thin piece of plastic that they colored with broad tip markers.  To get each 3D picture we needed two separate pictures, one showing what the left eye would see and one showing the right eye's view.  These were then combined to make the picture that you see here.  When you look through the filters each eye sees only one of the views and your brain combines them into one 3D image.


The whole group sitting as still and quiet as they did all week.  They knew that they shouldn't move or it would spoil their picture.



Here are some students building pinhole cameras.

They made 3D viewers (anaglyph) and took a look at their pictures and others from around the web.

Here they are getting ready to take pictures with the pinhole cameras they made the day before.  Below you can see some of the results.  As you see they produced negatives.  It would take another exposure and developing step to make a positive image.


Of course a little computer manipulation will let you see how one of the pictures would look if we produced a positive.
This was one of the best pictures this week.


It may be hard for you to believe that it was made using a camera made from a shoe box, a bit of aluminum flashing, and some black tape.


Here the Biology instructor, Shannon, is setting up one of the microscopes while Amanda looks on.
The students dissected starfish and squid.  They searched for, and some were able to find, many of the internal organs and tissues in the diagram they were given.


Here they are making toothpaste and testing it.  Here you can see some of the volunteers hard at work.



Microsoft agent was part of what they studied.  They programed several of the virtual entities to talk and perform .



Building stomp rockets and testing the mysterious liquid L51 to determine what it was.

Science Camp Olympics

The contests included the straw strong arm, aeronautics, launching the stomp rockets, a marshmallow and toothpick tower and the naked egg drop.



Some of the winners and their prizes.

Field Trip

The trio to the Cincinnati zoo started with a problem with the bus.  It developed an oil leak that consumed more than 8 gallons and we still hadn't made it to the zoo.
A long wait in a parking lot while a replacement bus and driver were located and we were on our way again.
We had a great time and hope to come back and see even more.

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