Science Camp 2006 Week 2

Just to get started with the 2006 camp page take out your anaglyph glasses and take a look at the campers in 3D.

If you don't have a pair of  glasses with one red and one blue lens you can make a pair by using a 1 by 3 inch piece of plastic. The kind used to package many toys and electronic products works well.  Color one half blue and the other half red using markers.  Permanent markers seem to work best.  Make the colors as even as you can.  Hold the plastic so you are looking through the blue part with you right eye and the red with your left.  The pictures below should look three dimensional.

These pictures were made by taking two pictures from slightly different locations. The pictures were then combined using a computer program that colors and overlaps them so that one is seen clearly by each eye when using the colored glasses.  If someone moved between the two pictures their image won't seem to be quite right. 

The program I used is Anaglyph Maker.  It is available at this site if you want to try it for yourself.

Here is a link to a site with more 3D pictures.

Computer science challenged the students

I only got this one picture of the dissection class. 
At least you can see they were to dissect a mudpuppy.

I think that they were measuring lung capacity by displacing water.
Either that or this kid was very thirsty.

We check the properties of mirrors, lenses, binocular vision, and polarizers.
We also built a photometer to investigate how to use light to measure the distance to a star.

Want to know what time it is?  Build a sundial.

They took apart disposable cameras to see how they worked. 
Each one had positive, negative and diffusing lenses.

Chemistry class where they made and tested antacids.

Getting ready to take pictures with the pinhole cameras they built.
They were generally pleased with the results.
The cameras produced negative images.
I  used a little computer processing to create positives of some of their pictures.

As in past years we had a physics competition.

And the winners are.
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