Summer Vacation 2000

In late August and early September of 2000 we visited our kids, went back to see some friends at BNL and went on a canoe camping expedition on Saranac lake in the Adirondacks.

First stop was Soahn and Wendy's for their annual party.

Kai, Wendy, and Denise cooking up a storm (also some very good stuff) before the party.  Many crafty people had fun designing and painting their own T-shirts.  One of the highlights of the party was the wizard ice cream.  Not only eating it but making it using liquid nitrogen was fun. Several people, kids and adults, liked the challenge of the practice rock climbing wall in their back yard.  That is Kai about half way up the wall.

The next day a couple of Wendy's cousins dropped in.  We flew the tissue paper hot air balloon that Wendy and I had made the night before.  Ringo and Soahn gave wagon rides to everyone that was interested. The rides can get exciting as you might guess from the expression on Ellen's face.

We stopped off at the Gunks to walk the trails and watch the climbers on the cliffs.  No climbing for us this time but we enjoyed the great day.  We had the place to ourselves when we got away from the undercliff trail.

Then on to visit Kai.  It's great to be a grandparent.

We went back up north to go camping with Soahn, Wendy, her folks and some of their friends.  When we were canoeing to the campsite we saw a Great Blue Heron, it's on the left of the picture.  We camped near a shelter close to the lake.  While out exploring we found a little firewood.  It may still be burning.  Actually it took many buckets of water to douse the campfire when we left. Crafts at the camp included rush weaving and basketry.

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