Late November, 98 Soahn, Wendy and their dog Ringo came to visit.  We spent most of the time working on the garage but did manage to take some walks. They found that the tractor can be equivalent to a workout at the gym after they put in a couple of hours moving dirt and logs.  The clutch and brake work let you get to know most of your leg muscles individually, the steering provides arm and shoulder reps and craning around to see behind works the torso.

Our grandson, Kai, and his parents Brett and Denise came to visit for a week at  Easter, 99.  Then Nancy's mom and her sister Donna and family came for Easter weekend.  We had a great time coloring eggs and waiting for the Easter bunny.

Soahn, Wendy and Ringo stopped by briefly in June, 99 and helped some more with construction.  There are no pictures documenting that (we were all working too hard).  We also took some time off for a brief tour of Laurel Gorge and some of the other sights in Elliott county. In and near the gorge we saw many wildflowers including the orchid like Water Willows you see here.

A week later Wendy's folks, Judy and Roger, spent a couple of days here on their way back home from a combined business and pleasure trip through VA, WV, TN, NC and KY.  We put them to work and when it was time for a break we hiked down to the lake. While they were here we put on most of the insulating sheathing, some shingles, bridging and the fascia boards on the high gable end of the house.  That's Roger on the roof and Alan on the ladder working on the fascia.

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