Camping in the Adirondacks

In August we took a week off to go camping with Wendy, Soahn and their dog Ringo.  They took us to a picture perfect campsite at Weller pond off of Middle Saranac lake near Lake Placid, NY.   The sites were accessible only by boat.  We paddled our canoes and towed kayaks full of gear  to our remote campsite.  Our closest neighbors were the loons and coyotes.  Soahn and Wendy were in the next site , a 5 minute paddle away.  The change from temperatures near 100 degrees in KY to the upper 30's at the campsite was quite refreshing.  We slept late, paddled, hiked, caught up on some of our reading and generally relaxed.  It was a wonderful week.

Soahn and Wendy's campsite was the fresh air dining hall.  No bugs, no rain and a chipmunk for entertainment.

Water lillies
Pitcher plants

          Two of several kinds of flowers we saw while paddling.

For pictures of flowers from our other travels click here.

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