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                 Help bring the Powell County High School mascot to life!

                                                      By: Tenny Ostrem

      During the 2008 - 2009 school year I have volunteered to sculpt a life size Pirate (the school mascot) for the Powell County Community and have it cast in bronze. It will stand strong and brave in front of the high school, giving hope to each student, teacher or visitor as they enter the building.

     The statue represents many important aspects of life. The spyglass encourages us to look into the future, imagine great things and plot out a course towards our goal.  High school is a time in life that requires us to be strong and look at what choices lie ahead. The chest under his leg symbolizes the support we all need to help us toward our dreams.  On the treasure chest is a parrot inspiring us to spread our wings and use the freedom we have to pursue our goals. And of course we must remember the individual strength that such a pirate stands for. 

     In tackling this project I will need help from friends, family, businesses, and my community. I believe that with support and determination it can be done. As the sculpture proceeds through various stages of creation we can all learn more about art and how it affects our lives. It will be a good demonstration of the start to finish process involved in bringing a project of this size to life.    

    Fortunately I need help!  This project will involve many people.  As I complete the clay process and head into the expensive part of the project I'll need to raise as much as 40 thousand dollars.  That sounds like a pirates fortune to me but with the help of many we can bring this scurvy dog to life!


The Mini- Pirate

Here's what the sculpture will look like, except it will be life size!

Contact me: Email address - tennylou@gmail.com