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The Elliott County School District publishes a newsletter.  The activities of Science Fun have been featured on a number of occasions, even before we were known as Science Fun.

The first time was in the January 2006 edition when we met with the 4H Green Clovers Club in each of the schools.  One of the students wrote this article.

In December 2006 we visited Lakeside Elementary School.  This time teaching some Appalachian Crafts.

This article appeared in January 2007.  The sixth graders in all three schools got to build lamps to take home.  That actually took one meeting to learn about electricity and two more to do the building.  The lamps were finished before Christmas and some of the kids used them as gifts for their parents or grandparents. 

In February 2007 we were doing some weaving with the kids at Isonville Elementary School.  Did you know that weaving pasterns have a mathematical basis?

January 2008 The kids at Lakeside were making and flying their own hot air balloons.  It gave us a chance to talk about the history and science involved.

In October 2008 the eighth grade students had the chance to  take a look at all of the elements in the periodic table (except for the radioactive ones).  They also got to handle some of them to get an idea of their density and see how they could be identified.

October is fire prevention month so we were back in the elementary schools in 2008 to talk about fire safety and this article appeared in November.

The November 2009 issue had a 2 page spread on the eighth grade Family Science Night.  It was organized by Anita Laney (a board member and adviser) and featured presentations by scientists and engineers and volunteers from the area.  Some liquid nitrogen cryogenic demonstrations rounded out the night.

We have been instructors at the Pikeville Science and Math Camp since the summer of 2000.  We finally decided in 2010 that we could run our own in Elliott County.  The newsletter had this report.

The December 2011 issue told about our visit to the sixth grade in Isonville as part of the 4H program.  Since 2002 we have been helping the 4H program in 3 schools/4classes nearly every month school is in session.

I just found this article on the School District web site, Celebrating Science Fun, Inc. By our superintendent Debbie Stephens.

   When most students in the Elliott County School District think of “science” and “fun,” they automatically think of the Kuehner’s.  Most recently, Alan and Nancy Kuehner donated enough NASA-approved eclipse viewing glasses that EVERY student and staff member in the District would be able to safely view the historic total eclipse of the sun on August 21.  Additionally, they held assemblies to teach students the significance of the eclipse and the importance of protecting your vision while viewing this once in a lifetime event.  

   The couple’s involvement in school activities are too numerous to capture all of them, but include making (and eating!) ice cream using liquid nitrogen, building robots, building lamps for every 6th grade student to take home with them, making hot air balloons, hosting summer science camps, firing rockets—making science enjoyable, while teaching underlying science concepts.  To learn more about these activities, and the phenomenal couple who make them possible, visit the Science Fun, Inc. website at www.science-fun.org.  Science Fun, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and all donations directly benefit educational activities for students in eastern Kentucky.

It has been great to be able to show these kids some of the things that they can do if they understand some science. 
They often discover that learning about science can be fun.

 It really feels good when one says "COOL !!"

Anita Laney was one of the directors of Science Fun, Inc. and there have been several articles in the newsletter about her and her classes.

 “Elliott County Schools” is a monthly newsletter published by the Elliott County Board of Education.

"Opportunities are always at our fingertips. Taking advantage of these opportunities provides a clear path to success for our students. In the Elliott County Schools, students reach out to take advantage of the educational opportunities every day. The focus of the newsletter is to follow these stepping-stones to success. Our students personally experience; inspiration, knowledge, precision, competitive spirit, and the exhilaration of success in school as well as their personal life. We hope you enjoy “Elliott County Schools” and celebrate the success of our students throughout the community. "
John Williams past Superintendent of  Schools

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