Icelandic Brewery

More of our adventures in Iceland: Whale Watch, Snaefellsjokull, Golden Circle, Aurora, Blue Lagoon
One of the tours we took during our visit to Iceland.
Olgerdin has a microbrewery called Borg that has won international awards for their beers.
These include Gull which as been named "World's Best Standard Lager″.
And Brio beer that won gold at the 2012 World Beer Cup for best German-style Pilsner.

As we entered we saw these tanks that are part of the process of making their beer.
We saw a graphic near the end of our visit (picture below) that explained the process.

Our very knowledgeable hostess and the many varieties that have been produced here.

She served an interesting selection of their current products.
We had some of each of these.
Like most of the folks with us I had a full glass of each until we realized how many we were going  to be offered.

While we were enjoying our beer our guide introduced us to the history of Iceland.
Especially that part that related to beer.
Including a discussion of the temperance movement, prohibition and
what led to the resumption of production/sales.

Then we took a tour of production and packaging.

These tanks hold the brew at a carefully controlled temperature that depends on the kind of beer being produced.

We all had to don hair nets before we entered the area where they actually brew the beer.

Stainless brewing tanks.

We sampled some very raw beer from an early step in the process.

Want some more?

The brewery also produces an unsweetened liqueur.
It is very lightly flavored with caraway
Quite pleasant.
It is also added to beer to raise the alcohol concentration for those who like a stronger drink.

Tour mates.
I am sorry that I didn't take more pictures of our friends from the tour.

As promised here is the secret to how it is done.

Now you know.
If you are having trouble reading this poster, it is in Icelandic.
It is also a little blurry so as to be consistent with our general clarity late in the tour.

The only way to properly finish off a brewery tour is to go to a pub, of course.
Someone in the group recommended this one and we all had a great time.

More of our adventures in Iceland: Whale Watch, Snaefellsjokull, Golden Circle, Aurora, Blue Lagoon
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