Early Visitors to Laurel Gorge

Laurel Gorge was the temporary home for visitors from the past.

Flo Whitley wrote an article for our local paper which is reprinted below.

Historical Flashbacks in Laurel Gorge
Saturday, March 2, the Laurel Gorge was the venue for glimpses into the past civilizations of Eastern Kentucky.
Amidst drizzling rain and cool temperatures, reenactors brought to life past inhabitants of this area from the Paleolithic Indians who lived under rock shelters about 5,000 BCE. to later Archaic and Woodland Indian civilizations. The most recent group portrayed in our time line was the 1700's Longhunters of European background who hunted and trapped this area collecting furs to sell in the Northeast. The reenactments were performed under rock shelters along the Laurel Gorge Hiking Trail. .
Vivian  Brown of Newfoundland said,. "I grew up here and have always been proud of my heritage, but these re-enactments gave me a connection to the past and made me see the importance of preserving our history. I'm excited about the projects we have started here in Elliott County and I have a renewed commitment to our future."
Mark Eclov, University of Kentucky Ag Communications videographer, and Dr. Tom Barnes, UK Extension Specialist in Wildlife Biology, were on hand to record the event on video and still photography.

The reenactments were a rehearsal for a larger event to be scheduled here later this year.

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Paleolithic visitors

Archaic Native Americans


Historic Native Americans

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