China Fire and other Emergency Response

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Near the Summer Palace

Three bays housing standard engines as well as this motorcycle with lights and siren. 
It carried extrication tools (spreader, rams, cutter) and had hydraulic connections integrated into it.
It could be useful on congested streets where traffic would block access for a truck.
Note a second motorcycle in the open bay.

Pots full of water for fighting fires in the Forbidden City.
Charcoal fires were maintained under them if freezing temperatures were expected.

An ambulance in Beijing

This door in a hallway outside a restaurant concealed a standpipe, hose, and extinguishers.
Inconspicuous, possibly too much so.

A fire truck passed our bus in Beijing.
No lights or siren so it may have been returning from a run or inspection.

In the enamelware shop.
One hose for little fires, one for big..

This pumper/tanker we saw just outside the Terracotta Warriors wouldn't be out of place in our department.

A wheeled  fire extinguisher was inside the building.
It may have been charged with a powder extinguishing agent since the diagrams on it showed what looked like wood, liquid and electrical fires.

Downtown Xian

Another firetruck passed us downtown.
Again no lights or siren.

This cab was fueled with compressed natural gas which probably makes for some interesting accident/fire responses.

A specialized shop selling only fire extinguishers and emergency supplies.

Fire buckets and emergency supplies on the Three Gorges cruise boat.

Extinguishers and other emergency supplies in the Red Pagoda we saw during the Three Gorges tour.

A somewhat leaky nozzle in one of the locks of the Three Gorges Dam.

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