South Pacific Flowers and Trees

For pictures of flowers from our other travels click here.

There is no way I can do justice to the myriad flowers we saw.  They were everywhere. 
We know the names of a few.

Gail Anderson visited my page and Identified this one as "Dona Aurora"
She said that is named for the widow of Philippine president Manuel Luis Quezon




A bromiliad

A Night Blooming Sirius

Morning glories



Elephant ear

The rest are currently unidentified.
If you know what they are please let me know by e-mail

A visitor to my site has identified this flower as an Allamanda.
A couple of quick searches proved her correct.
Thank you Jenny for taking your time to help me with this page.

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Thanks to Jenny another of my flowers is identified.
This is a Canna Lily.
According to Wikipedia it isn't a true lily despite it's common name.
It's closest relatives are gingers and bananas which seems strange to me.
Thanks again Jenny.

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Bouquets and decorations

Trees, their flowers and fruit


Noni (no-nee)


We don't know what this is.

A fan palm

These next three trees have unique ways of stabilizing themselves.



Other unknowns

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And links photos of the eclipse, eclipse photographytikis, the ship, young dancersfood, fish, and flowers and trees we saw on the trip.

For pictures of flowers from our other travels click here.

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