Caribbean flowers and wildlife

For pictures of flowers from our other travels click here.

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Cactus and the flower of a different variety.
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Currently unidentified flowers.
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A flamingo and sting ray.


This hummingbird posed nicely.

A hermit crab from down near the shore.

This tortoise may not have been native.

Lots of lizards on the trees, rocks, and bushes.
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Ocean invertebrates, sea urchins and a starfish.
No toxic spines on these but don't touch any that you aren't sure of.

A sea anemone.  One of many varieties.

A puffer fish

I don't know the names of these.
If you do please send me a note.
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As with the fish if you can identify any of the other plants or animals on this page please send me a note.
I will certainly appreciate it and will give you credit for your help if you don't mind being mentioned.

For pictures of flowers from our other travels click here.

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