The island of Saint Thomas

On Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands we decided to take a walk through the jungle to a beautiful bay and beach we had heard about.
Our open air ride to the trail head.

The ride there afforded this view of our ship in the harbor at St. Thomas

And our first view of Magens Bay.

Our guide pointed out this termite nest and trails they make up the trees to it.

Bryophytes are special plants.
They live on the trunks and branches of other trees, bushes and occasionally on wires.
They are not parasites taking no nourishment from their support.
Their leaves are arranged to funnel rain for moisture.
Bugs and falling leaves provide organic material and sunlight all the energy they need.

Other plants and trees along the way.

This fruit would keep you alive if you had nothing else to eat.
However it tastes so bad you may wish it wouldn't.

Lizards were all along the trail and hermit crabs scurried about once we got to the lowlands near the bay.

We ended our hike at the bay we had seen from the start of the trail.
The coral sand was incredibly fine and we had the beach nearly to ourselves.

This striking tree was in a town nearby.
The second picture shows a detail of how the fronds grow woven together.
It is known as the Traveler's Palm (not really a palm).
Its technical name is
Ravenela madagascariensis.

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