Our Ship

I expected big but it was HUGE.

As we were leaving the dock there was a mandatory lifeboat drill.

Linda and Jim's cabin looked out on the central main street where there was even a classic car on display.

The glass elevator looked out over main street as well.

The top deck had pools, hot tubs, bars with drinks and snacks.

Recreation included an ice skating rink,

roller blade track,

and climbing wall.
There was a climbing competition where we got to try our skills.
I didn't do too badly. 

An ice show one evening had a number of  elaborate production numbers.
The second picture shows one with fluorescent costumes and UV lighting.

There were  lot of kids on board and they put on a circus with a ringmaster, strong man, wild animals and acrobats.

There were a couple of formal nights in the dinning room. 

We were on the ship over Easter so there were rabbit theme decorations.
One evening guests started picking up the eggs from the baskets and they all disappeared.

We could look down on the ship's bridge.
There was usually someone on duty.
The computer ran the ship all the time with its position charted precisely even into the harbor and up to the dock.

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