More Birds

The links on this page are from some of our travels. 
The pages usually include more than just birds depending on just what we happened to see.

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Costa Rica birds, bugs, and animals.
Alaskan puffins, eagles, and a owl hawk that we saw, along with animals, sea life, and other sights.
A few Egyptian birds, bugs, and flowers.
Several bird pictures in this Ecuador page.
In Chile we saw birds in Arica and LaSerena
We got up close and personal with some hunting eagles in Ulaan Baatar Mongolia and again in Ulgi and added a few other birds in the Yol valley.
Himalayan griffins in the Gobi desert of Mongolia were a rare sight but the birds we saw near
Kharakhorum were a lot more common.
Swans and another eagle in the Mongolian Kherlan River Valley.
We had to see a kiwi when we visited New Zealand and of course we got pictures of a few other birds..
In western  Australia we saw emus and near Melbourne we saw some gull chicks and the first penguins we saw in the wild.
In Argentina  we saw wild geese, an eagle and some cormorants.
Three kinds of penguins (some with chicks), cormorants with chicks
, snowy sheath bills, and skuas in Antarctica.
The Biodome in Montreal has penguins too.  But they can't walk up to you.
I seem to have only taken one picture of a bird in Tahiti.
A few birds from our Caribbean cruse.

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