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Programs include: astronomy, eclipses, force and motion, density, fossils, geology, electrostatics, measuring electricity, electrical safety, motors, magnetism, temperature, cryogenics, acids and bases, slime, ballistics, periodic table, radiation, light, elemental spectra, sound, bubbles, rockets, hot air balloons, weather, conservation field day, and more.
    Tough Mudder 18
    District News
    Eclipse 2017, Sweetwater, TN*
    March for Science, Lexington 2017*
    6th Grade Lamps 2016
    Fire safety 2016
    Old time Toys, Games, and Tools
    Caribbean Cruise 2*
    Stand on an egg
    Build a ballistic pendulum

    Three Mile Island Reactor Accident, first hand*
Celebration of Mind Sandy Hook, KY
    Europe 2013*
    Celebration of Mind Elliott County
    Momentum and Gyroscopes
    Career Day, Elliott County
    Teacher Professional Development
    4H electrostatics
    Force and Motion 8th grade
    Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy*
    Elements at West Carter
Popular pages
    Cryogenics experiments with liquid nitrogen*
  World Flowers*
    Build a hot air balloon
    Diamond mine
    Pikeville Camp
    Shuttle Discovery launch*
61 Day Safari in Africa*
    San Bushmen in Africa*

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Sun and moon data*

      Old time Toys, Games, and Tools
      Science Fun 2014 Day Camp
Pikeville Science and Math Camp 2000 to 2015
      Science Fun 2011 Day Camp
      Science Fun 2010 Day Camp
      Kids College 2009

Other Fun
     6th Grade Lamps 2016
     Career Day, Elliott County
     Professional Development 2013
     4H electrostatics
     Force and Motion 8th grade
     Elements at West Carter
     Thermite at Sandy Hook
     Russell 2011
     Science Olympiad 2011
     Pre K Science
     4H Club lamps
         Static Clovers 4H (outside link)
     Science Olympiad 2009
     Science Fun 2009

     4H Lamps
     Family Science 2008
     Carter County Field day 2007
     Girls in Research
     Shocking Science
     Senior Cryogenics Show
     Carter County Field Day 2004
     Carter County Field Day 2003
Elliott Field Day 2003

There are a lot more activities that would be included but
we usually don't have time to take pictures. However we sometimes have an article about us published in the Elliott County School District Newsletter or website.  To see some of those click here.

How to
Stand on an egg
     Build a ballistic pendulum
     Build a hot air balloon
     Make a Blueprint
       There are more "How to" pages being developed for the activities the kids have done with Science Fun
Gathering for Gardner and Celebration of Mind
     Science Fun Celebration of Mind, 2017
     Celebration of Mind by Science Fun
     Celebration of Mind, Elliott County
    Celebration of Mind

    Wildflowers from far and near*
    Laurel Gorge*
    Small visitor*
    Local Petroglyphs*
    Diamond Mine*

    South Pacific  April 8,2005*
    Greece  March 29, 2006*
    Mongolia  August 1, 2008*
Eclipse 2017, Sweetwater, TN*

    Rutherford's laboratory in New Zealand*
    Mendeleev's laboratory in Russia*

Science stuff
    Three Mile Island Reactor Accident*
    Science pages links*
    Science rules*
    Radiation risk*
    Brookhaven Bulletin Articles (about RAP mostly)*
    Some of my scientific publications*

* The items marked with an asterisk are not supported by Science Fun but are used in some of our programs.
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